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Make Pickled Beets

Make Pickled Beets

We've Got the Beet

Peter Piper may have picked a peck of pickled peppers.

But your tongue is about to get a twist of its own in the form of pickled beets. This easy recipe — which includes Atomic Fireballs as an ingredient — was formulated by Wheelhouse Pickles founder Jon Orren, just for DailyCandy.

If you don’t like beets, that’s okay: You can use almost any veggie (ramps, anyone?) your picky pants desire. The delicious treats make for a great snack at home or a stellar hostess gift — if you were to score an invite on a friend’s schooner.

Either way, they’ll definitely spice up your summer.

If you’d prefer to buy your pickles instead, go to wheelhousepickles.com. To see the complete recipe, click here.