Haus Interior Housewares Boutique

Haus Interior Housewares Boutique

She's a Brick Haus

Okay, we all love our dogs (understatement). But it’s become pretty evident that tons of pug-themed decor in one’s apartment isn’t exactly soul mate bait. 

For some furnishings that won’t make ’em head for the hills, look no further than Haus Interior, a new home and design boutique based in New York City.

In today’s video, gorgeous owner/interior designer Nina Freudenberger helps one DailyCandy staff member de-pug-ify (yes, that’s a word) her borderline creepy apartment — and redo it with objects available at the shop.

The coolest thing: Prices start at just $12 (for checkered napkins) and max out around $300 (seriously). We’re talking throw pillows, vases, and old art books galore — all proving that a little can go a long way.

Or at least until you bring Mr. Snorty Face out of the closet. 

Available online at hausinterior.com