Custom Gift Wrapping at Kate's Paperie

Custom Gift Wrapping at Kate's Paperie

Yo! Alton Wraps

Listen up, party people! We wanna hear ya make some noise!

Put your hands together for wrapper/rapper Alton DuLaney, star of today’s video (he’s got mad stage presents).

The rhymes say it all: He (and the rest of the folks at Kate’s Paperie) can wrap anything and everything, from conventional boxes and balls to leg lamps and, well, loose bananas (you never know).

Simply take gifts to the shop and pick your paper; they’ve got hundreds to choose from. The only requirement is that your object fit through the door — though they say they’d venture to the sidewalk for special cases.

Rumor has it DuLaney even wrapped a person once (don’t worry, he left breathing holes).

And that’ll make ya jump, jump.

Available at Kate’s Paperie, 72 Spring Street, between Crosby and Lafayette Streets (212-941-9816); 140 West 57th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues (212-459-0700). For more stores and information, go to