LaQuan Smith Clothing

LaQuan Smith Clothing

Barely Legal

When you turned 21 … Well, you don’t remember turning 21. (Shots of Aristocrat will do that.)

When LaQuan Smith turned 21, he was dressing Lady Gaga and Rihanna and creating a stunning, ocean-inspired collection for New York Fashion Week. No big.

The Queens-based women’s wear wunderkind in today’s video is the ultimate follow-your-dreams success story: He taught himself to sew on his grandma’s machine, made his own designs, showed up uninvited to fashion parties, introduced himself to the right people, and voila.

Maybe you’ve seen him around town. He’s the one in sequins and six-inch heels. He’s so hot Kanye once stopped him to approve, “I like your style.”

We’d have to agree.

For more information, go to laquansmith.com. For custom orders (before he gets too big), e-mail info@faag.us.