Five Designers, Three Looks, One Editor

Five Designers, Three Looks, One Editor

Put Some Clothes On

Glitz! Glamour! Real Housewives and mini bloggers in the front row!

Fashion Week is fun, but let’s be honest — it’s a lot of hoopla for seven minutes of runway time. No wonder some designers choose to forgo the frenzy.

In today’s video, we feature five of our local faves who opted out — Gerlan Jeans, Lewis, Loeffler Randall, Jeffrey Monteiro, and Lauren Kovin — and asked ’em to dress our intrepid editor in three never-before-seen looks from their fall 2010 collections.

In less than two minutes of stop-motion photography, you’ll see a huge jacket made of yarn, a gorgeous evening gown, expertly tailored blazers, and an eyeball-print jacket.

And not a Jersey Shore kid in sight.

For more information on the designers, go to gerlanjeans.com, lewisnyc.com, loefflerrandall.com, jeffreymonteiro.com, and laurenkovin.com.

For more New York Fashion Week coverage, check out our Dossier. Two more days of madness await.

Music: Courtesy of The Soft Pack