How to Find a Signature Scent

How to Find a Signature Scent

Fragrance Tips from Lucky Scent

High school prom: CK One. Trip to Italy: au naturel. Major lapse in judgment: Axe.

Since a smell can bring back memories more vividly than pictures, why leave it to chance? In today’s video, Steven Gontarski of Los Angeles-based perfume store Lucky Scent, has tips for finding your perfect fragrance — from where and how to spray it to how to decide what’s you.

If you’re like us, you’ll want to start spritzing away. Nose around Lucky Scent’s site — which carries tons of hard-to-find brands — and choose a few to try (samples are just $3-$5).

It’s about more than just common scents.

To shop and order samples, go to luckyscent.com. Since Gontarski talks about perfumes so eloquently, we asked him to tell us about his favorite seven fragrances (we’re now hooked on the Peau de Peche and At the Beach 1966).