Ask the Office Guy

Should I Mention My Six-Figure Salary on Match.com?

Ask the Office Guy Roundup

Ask the Office Guy No. 25

Perception: being the only man in an office of women is a dude’s dream come true.
Reality: it means listening to 10,387 relationship crises and being asked for the male perspective.

That’s how it goes for our sole male editor, Dan, whose dating advice proved so useful (or at least hilarious) we decided to share it with our readers in our Ask the Office Guy video series.

Favorites include Should I mention my six-figure salary in my online dating profile (above)? How many dates should I wait to friend a guy on Facebook? How many postdate texts make me seem crazy? And, of course, why didn’t he call me back?

Dan knows all. Or at least that’s what we tell him.

Got a question for our office guy? E-mail him at theofficeguy@dailycandy.com.