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How Many Dates Should I Wait to Friend a Guy on Facebook?

How Many Dates Should I Wait to Friend a Guy on Facebook?

Ask the Office Guy No. 26

Since you’ve probably already seen The Social Network, you’re well along in the “is Mark Zuckerberg an A-hole or just a really socially awkward freshman?” debate.

But the by-all-accounts brilliant film did raise some good Facebook protocol questions for this week’s episode of Ask the Office Guy. So we set Dan, our only male editor and on-staff sage, loose on these hard-hitting quandaries: How long should I wait to friend the guy I’m newly dating (above)? What’s the proper procedure for poking someone? And should I friend my parents and bosses

Like his advice? Come back every Thursday, at 4 p.m., for his next lesson. And during the week, you can brush up on past questions like how many postdate texts make me seem crazy? When should I tell a guy I own six cats? And, of course, the ever popular: Is it weird my BF’s so into Harry Potter?

We give all of his advice a resounding C++ (that one’s for the code geeks).

Got a question for our office guy? E-mail him at theofficeguy@dailycandy.com. And by all means, friend us on Facebook.

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