Sunny's Hair Extensions: a Field Test

Every Inch Counts

Every Inch Counts

There’s a reason we all love the makeover episode of ANTM: Dramatic hair transformations are so damn fun to watch (tears and all).

So when the clip-in extension pros at Sunny’s Hair promised their strands were simple enough to attach in only a few minutes (no stylist required), we had to investigate. Will the hair look real? And, more importantly, will it really be DIY?

To find out, we asked three DailyCandy staffers to put in the extensions by themselves (after watching the how-tos on Sunny’s site) and captured their trial runs in today’s video.

It’s important to note the extensions aren’t for everyone (if your hair’s Mia Farrow ca. Rosemary’s Baby, there’s not enough to hide the clips). Sunny’s PR also said some customers might have to get their faux locks trimmed first, so they match existing layers (luckily, we didn’t).

But if you ask us, it’s well worth the drama.

Available online at sunnyshair.com. For free shipping, enter dailycandy1010 at checkout (expires November 20).

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