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Is It a Turnoff to Have 7 Gifts Under the Tree for Your Dog?

Holiday Relationship Advice from Our Token Male Editor

Ask the Office Guy No. 34

We know it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but between handsy co-workers at the office party and your sister’s new BF slurping gravy at dinner, it’s also the most awkward.

Our token male editor/advice dispenser, Dan, is here to help. This year, he’s tackled holiday-related situations aplenty: Is it a turnoff to have seven gifts under your tree for your dog (above)? Is it creepy to hang mistletoe in every doorway? Should you buy a present for the guy you just started dating? And what do you do if you hate the gift from your boyfriend?

If none of these apply, Dan’s got evergreen words of wisdom on everything from great third-date scenarios to Spanx. His advice on postdate texting proved especially useful.

We expect the demand for WWDD bracelets to soar.

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Photo: pensacolawinterfest / Flickr