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Grocery Shopping Tips from Dr. Frank Lipman

Grocery Shopping Tips

An Expert Shows You How to Eat Healthier

Somehow, in just five days, your New Year’s resolution devolved from work out every day to do leg lifts during Hoarders commercials.

Don’t give up. Dr. Frank Lipman, the integrative doc behind NYC’s Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, showed us how easy it is to get back — and stay — on track in these exclusive new how-to videos.

1. Go healthy at the grocery store (above).
2. Restore overall balance with a tennis ball foot massage.
3. Banish the blues with a restorative yoga pose.
4. De-stress with guided meditation.

And if you really want to get a leg up, try Lipman’s two-week detox program, Remove. No, seriously. Even our staff’s resident “cleanses are for crazy people” skeptic is a believer, mainly because you can have two meals a day of your choosing — plus the provided shakes and vitamins.

Which you can ingest from the convenience of your sofa.

Remove, available online at elevenelevenwellness.com, $199. Want more? Check out the amazing playlist Lipman made us for optimum relaxation.

Special thanks: Jefferson Market, NYC