How to Wash a Sweater

How to Wash a Sweater

Tips from The Laundress

We’re not going to name names, but we know someone — definitely not one of our editors — who doesn’t wash her sweaters. (“Why dry clean when you can Febreze?”)

Don’t be That Girl. Clean knits yourself (even cashmere!) with help from Lindsey Wieber Boyd, co-founder of The Laundress. In today’s video, she demystifies the sweater-washing process, from removing pills and stains to proper drying.

Want to keep washing? Check out our video on cleaning a coat in the washing machine. Seriously. To prove how doable it is, Wieber Boyd demonstrated on her vintage Chanel jacket. (It’s wool, but the procedure also works for down.)

Now a certain someone — no one you know — won’t have to keep her arms down on the subway.

For more information or to buy the products mentioned in the videos, go to thelaundress.com. Enter DCVIDEO11 at checkout for 15 percent off (good through January 19). For more laundry tricks, watch our tutorials on cleaning silk in the machine and washing delicates.