An Easy DIY Candelabra

An Easy DIY Candelabra

The Author of "Home from the Hardware Store" Shows Us How to Do It

On a scale of handyman aptitude, we’re closer to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor (Super Gluing his fingers together) than Bob Vila.

But we still know our way around nuts and bolts, thanks to Home from the Hardware Store, a new book with foolproof instructions for DIY home decor — from chandeliers to table runners — made with items you can find at your local Home Depot or Ace.

In today’s videos, Brooklyn-based co-author Stephen Antonson showed us two projects: a ridiculously simple candelabra made of inexpensive plumbing parts (above) and how to turn tubes into modern, round shelving units. The former takes literally five minutes; the latter, maybe an hour.

No Al Borland required.

To buy a copy of Home from the Hardware Store, go to amazon.com.