Lily & the Parlour Tricks Perform "The Poison Song"

Lily & the Parlour Tricks Perform "The Poison Song"

Our Favorite New NYC Band Plays in Our Office

A good test of a band’s worth? Bring its members to your office, get them to play an acoustic set next to your boss’s desk without proper notice, and see if you get fired.

At least that’s what accidentally happened with NY-based rock and rollers Lily & the Parlour Tricks last week at DailyCandy. And as soon as they started playing, even our most serious computer-starers ditched the Internet and ran over to bop along.

For proof of the band’s draw, watch today’s video, in which they play “The Poison Song” from their eponymous EP. As a bonus, they gave us their rendition of “White Christmas” to get us in the holiday spirit.

The six-person group channels an old-timey vibe that makes us want to dance in a billowing skirt while slinging back the hard stuff.

Which might’ve accidentally happened after the performance.

To buy Lily & the Parlour Tricks’s debut EP, go to itunes.com. Hear them live December 14 at The Bowery Electric. For more ear candy, check out our videos with Freelance Whales, Eliza Doolittle, Karen Elson, and Regina Spektor.