Chef Marcus Samuelsson's Favorite Childhood Dish

He's So Swede

A culinary nod to his new autobiography, "Yes, Chef"

We love a good rags-to-riches story, especially when it’s true, well deserved, and recounted by the convivial and talented Marcus Samuelsson.

His autobiography, Yes, Chef (out yesterday), starts with the journey to live with adoptive parents in Sweden after losing his birth mother to tuberculosis in Ethiopia and ends with the opening of Red Rooster Harlem, the restaurant where Obama digs the cornbread.

In honor of the moving tale, we asked Samuelsson to make his favorite childhood dish: the tastiest gravlax (cured salmon) sandwich this side of Scandinavia, just like his adoptive grandma used to make.

It’s a lunchtime treat.

And ensures your afternoon has a happily ever after.

Yes, Chef is available at amazon.com, $16.