Exercise No. 5: Outer Thighs

Exercise No. 5: Outer Thighs

Get Beach Ready with Tracy Anderson

Bat wings, saddlebags, muffin tops, and banana rolls. 

We love the names but hate the flab. In today’s videos, fitness queen Tracy Anderson whips us into shape. 

Outer thighs (above), saggy bottoms, and upper arms (specifically, that area that sticks out when you wear a tight strapless dress), watch out. Anderson makes the moves look easy, but, seriously, 40 reps and you’ll be hurting the next day. 

To keep the workout going — and really see results — get down with Anderson’s awesome new Metamorphosis DVDs. They’re incredibly effective, because you choose the program based on your biggest problem area, be it thighs, butt, or midsection.

Think you can (love) handle it? 

Check out all of our exercise videos with Anderson. To buy Metamorphosis, go to tracyandersonmethod.com. And by all means, start picking out your bathing suit