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Green with Envy Tea Delivery from Alchemist & Co.

Going Green Never Tasted So Good

alchemist green tea latte los angeles!

Step aside, Sarah Palin. There’s a new tea party in town. Its platform? The American citizen’s right to a deliciously frothy afternoon beverage.

But there’s no need to march on Washington. Just get on your preferred digital device and order the Green with Envy tea service from concierge service Alchemist & Co.

Before you can say “limited federal spending,” a piping-hot green tea latte (or more for an additional charge) is delivered to you on a lacquered lime tray adorned with fresh cymbidium orchids. Nosh on a stack of Paulette’s pistachio macarons and a quartet of moist, powdered-sugar-dusted, made-to-order green tea donuts with buttermilk-raspberry glaze and cocoa dipping sauce.

Not sold on the green initiative? Try a Parisian breakfast in bed (perfect to treat yourself or your special someone).

It’s sure to reach across party lines.

Available from Alchemist & Co. (310-202-8772 or alchemistcompany.com), $65.

Photo: Courtesy of Alchemist & Co.