Farmscape Urban Farmer Battles Your Brown Thumb

Give Your Garden a Peas-ful, Easy Feeling

farmscape los angeles!

DailyCandy: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Mary: It’s a total pain in my grass.

DC: We’d like to plant an idea in your head. Call Farmscape. When it comes to ailing veggie patches, the urban, all-organic farming company is a lifesaver.

After rooting out the problem (slug infestation, poor soil), they’ll get your garden back in mint condition, fertilizing it with the company’s own blend, rigging up an ecofriendly drip irrigation system, and replenishing it with the herbs and vegetables of your choice.

Mary: But what if my thumb is more brown than green?

DC: Farmscape will make weekly maintenance calls to rotate crops, control weeds and pests, and harvest ripe legumes (which are left in a basket on your doorstep).

Mary: Sounds unbe-leaf-able.

DC: Great, now beet it.

Farmscape (310-694-8474 or farmscapegardens.com). Initial setup starts at $199; maintenance, $35 per week.

Photo: Courtesy of Farmscape