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Getting Healthy Is a Piece of Bliss Cake

Eat Your Dessert First (and Often)

bliss cakes by stephanie sparkles los angeles!

Talk all the trash you want about cupcakes: They’re cutesy; they’re sugary; they’re everywhere.

At least we think that’s what you said. It’s tough to hear your complaints when your mouth is full of Bliss Cake.

Baked by the two dozen by sprightly Venice Beach resident Stephanie Sparkles (just try to say that without smiling), each mini is made using organic and all-natural ingredients, then artfully decorated with fresh fruit or edible flowers.

Chow down on flavors according to their nutritional benefits: antioxidant-packed acai berry, mineral-rich matcha, or energizing bee pollen (which is Sparkles’s alterna-sprinkle). Or indulge in cardamom carrot cake or wild jungle peanut butter chocolate with (unnecessary) reckless abandon.

Each batch is baked to order and delivered to your door. All you have to do is speak up.

Available online at stephaniesparkles.com, $60 per two dozen.

Photo: Courtesy of Bliss Cakes

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