The Natallia Agency Brings Sweet Relief

Personal Assistants You Can Afford

personal assistant!

Dear Overburdened,

You’re a master at multitasking, but checking emails while jogging and taking calls during a root canal is borderline downright bananas.

Get your life back on track with one simple to-do list.

1. Admit you need help. Even superheroes have sidekicks.

2. Schedule a complimentary consultation with boutique personal assistant agency The Natallia Agency.

3. Specify desired services. Errands, office organization, event planning, tutoring, and dog sitting are all on the table. No task is too menial or left field. Need a helping hand refurbishing your 18th-century Viennese dollhouse? Done.

4. Let founder/former personal assistant Natallia Clancy find the perfect guy or gal Friday to meet your needs.

5. Watch as your new full-time, part-time, or temporary personal assistant brings order to your chaos.

6. Breathe easy.

The Natallia Agency (213-260-1094 or thenatalliaagency.com). Rates start at $35 per hour.

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