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Ice Ice Shavie, to the Extreme

Yo, VIPs, Let's Kick It

ice ice shavie los angeles!

All right, stop, collaborate, and listen.
We’ve got news of a brand new invention.
Hawaiian-style shaved ice: so chill, so sweet,
Served from a vintage meter maid.
Look for it on the street.

They call it:
Ice Ice Shavie.
Gotta get some Ice Ice Shavie.
(Too cold, too cold.)

Liz Wiltgen and Damian Windsor run the show.
He’s a Roger Room mixologist;
She’s a liquor industry pro.

These treats are (sadly) booze free.
But their flavors are like cocktails,
Fresh fruit/exotic syrups: blended to a tee.

The Havolina mixes cactus, cilantro, and lime.
The Hummingbird’s got elderflower.
The Que Bueno is sublime.

As for the ice? It’s fluffy like snow.
No big chips to crack your teeth,
So dental insurance is a no.

Trust us, the cones are heaven-sent.
Now let’s hope that Rob Van Winkle
Doesn’t sue for copyright infringement.

Word to your mutha.

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Photo: Courtesy of Ice Ice Shavie