Office Supply and Demand

Lisa Frank, Meet Your Match

poppin office supplies!

Your refusal to wipe off the community peanut butter knife has colleagues questioning your workplace worth.

They’ll cut it out when they see your tricked-out collection of pens, markers, and highlighters from Poppin. The flamboyant office supply company combats dull deskscapes with vibrant paper products, writing implements, and professional necessities like neon green staplers, magenta rulers, and cherry red tape dispensers.

And the only thing bigger than the selection is Poppin’s heart of gold: The team partners with local and national charities to equip children with everything they need to get their learn on. It’s an easy way to add fun to your office space while becoming the company hero.

Meaning fussy co-workers can finally drop the smear campaign.

Available online at poppin.com, $2-$695.

Photo: Courtesy of Poppin

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