Clothes Up Style Gets You Packed in a Jiffy

Meet Your Suitcase Stylists


Packing is pure joy for some (OCD sufferers, the clinically insane). For the rest of us, it’s a nerve-wracking exercise that leads to ill-matched outfits and forgotten toothbrushes.

Clothes Up Style, a new wardrobe-organizing/personal shopping service by local fashion mavens Katie Fenton and Lesley Grosvenor, takes the pain out of the process with an offering called The Packer.

After a brief consultation covering travel agenda and personal style, the duo descends upon your closet (your destination’s weather forecast in hand) to coordinate a complete head-to-toe trip wardrobe.

They snap photos of each outfit for a look book to help you stay on your charted style course. And their expert packing skills mean nary a wrinkled frock or squashed shoe in sight.

Unfortunately, baggage fees are still on you.

Clothes Up Style (310-625-4771 or clothesupstyle.com). The Packer, $250 for the first two hours; $120 for each additional hour.

Photo: Thinkstock