Raise a Glass to The Juice Maids Juice Cleanse

Chug Your Own Adventure

the juice maids los angeles!

A juice cleanse in four easy steps:

1. Commit.
2. Reconsider.
3. Attempt to choke down an unidentifiable green sludge in the name of health.
4. Quit.

Insert 1a. The Juice Maids. With more than three dozen fruit and veggie juices on rotation, raw chefs Danielle Charboneau and Sarah Eaves customize three-, five-, seven-, and ten-day cleanses to your tastes to up the chances that you’ll stick to — and actually enjoy — a drinks-only diet.

Do a phone consultation, sign up, and the night before your cleanse, a basket of clearly labeled jars of fresh, cold-pressed juices arrive on your doorstep along with select supplements and break-fast needs. You can order any of your favorites, say She’s like a Rainbow (strawberry, apricot, peach, grapefruit, orange, blood orange, mint), Starry Eyes (plum, berry, watermelon, coconut), or hangover helper There’s a Tear in My Beer (beet, celery, spinach, spirulina), by the crate.

So step to it.

The Juice Maids (213-308-4888 or thejuicemaids.com), $65-$975.

Photo: Courtesy of The Juice Maids