The Science Behind Boo & Boo Factory Leather Jewelry

The Anatomy of an Adornment

boo + boo factory jewelry

Biology 101 Syllabus

Professor: Designer (and SCI-Arc student) Christina Anton. Her under-the-radar handcrafted leather jewelry line, Boo + Boo Factory, uses brightly dyed recycled leather to render statement-making creations that take their cue straight from a science textbook.

Week 1: The Human Brain
Pay homage to your hard-working cerebellum with a pair of cascading Dendrite earrings. Made from white lambskin flecked with gold, the bold danglers resemble clusters of neurons.

Week 2: Atom Composition
The Molecular Series necklaces sweat the small stuff with delicately wrought, overlapping honeycomb shapes made from neon suedes and leathers; they’re sure to be the building blocks of a chic ensemble.

Week 3: DNA
Chromosome as accessory? Anton cracks the code with her Geometric Multi Color Mitochondria necklace, taking inspiration from cell diagrams to create an intricate piece that’s truly gene-ious.

Final Exam: A ten- to fifteen-page paper on why Anton’s specimens are a lesson in utterly unique, off-the-grid style.

Available online at etsy.com, $32 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Boo + Boo Factory Jewelry