How to Build an Emergency Stove

Urban Outdoor Skills Gets the Job Done

urban outdoor skills emergency stove how-to!

Natural disasters are like celebrity breakups: inevitable, yet they always catch you off guard (Lopez and Anthony? Bosworth and Skarsgård? Really?).

Prepare for the worst with an easy how-to from the owners of Urban Outdoor Skills, who teach a series of outdoorsy and city survival classes ranging from the practical (water purification and storage) to the adventurous (trapping, wild food foraging).

Here, they guide us step by step in building an emergency makeshift stove. It’s sure to come in handy — whether camping in Big Sur or trudging through an apocalyptic wasteland.

Makeshift Stove

Can of something
Can opener
Wire hanger
Hole puncher or sharp object (screwdriver, nail)
Alcohol (either of the rubbing or vodka variety)
Lighter or box of matches

1. Open and empty the can.

2. Using a hole puncher/sharp object, pierce holes in two rows (each hole separated by approximately 1 inch horizontally and ½ inch vertically). This will create airflow and keep the stove more stoked than us preteens at a Bieber concert.

3. Open the wire hanger and bend it to form a shelf (pictured above) for your cooking vessel.

4. Pour alcohol inside the can, approximately ½ inch deep, and light the fire. (This should last at least five minutes, long enough to boil water or heat something through.)

Note: Remember to work in a ventilated area and go easy when lighting flammable liquid.

5. Grab a saucepan, plop in that radioactive rat, season with volcanic ash/mudslide runoff, and bon appetit.

Urban Outdoor Skills (pascal@urbanoutdoorskills.com or urbanoutdoorskills.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outdoor Skills