A New Chapter for Elkin

The Dress Is Mightier than the Sword

elkin collection!

You tend to do things by the book.

But Los Angeles-based Smith sisters Brit and Kara have shredded the rules: Their collection, Elkin, was so in demand, they launched their line two seasons ahead of the original plan.

Interpreting literary genres through a lens of girly-not-prissy design (Kara worked at Geren Ford, Brit with Jennifer Meyer), their first collection brings Gothic Victorian romance to the forefront with dramatic dresses (an empire-waist Lake gown; crew-neck, sashed Two Piece Z), sheer tops, lacy underwear outerwear, and even a mask or two.

Next on the reading-to-wear list: American folklore. But dowdy it isn’t: Along with classic tomes, the sisters draw inspiration from sexy Parisian lingerie.

We can’t wait for their next chapter.

Available online at shopbop.com, $158-$385. To see styles, go to elkincollection.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Elkin