Oli and Me Jewelry Speaks Softly

Giving Chic a Voice

oli and me jewelry!


We simply can’t keep this hush-hush anymore: Oli and Me “whisper” rings — thin, Giacometti-esque bands of hammered yellow, white, and rose gold for a mere $75 a pop — really make us want to shout from the rooftops.

Designed by reformed banker Grace Lee, the newly launched fourteen- and eighteen-karat gold collection exudes a pared-down elegance fitting for these [sotto voce] lean economic times.

There’s no way to stay mum about the slim, stackable cuffs (sure to be beloved by Santa Monica soccer moms and Silver Lake lasses alike) or the sturdy studs in playful shapes like snakes and x’s and o’s.

Now hurry before word gets out.

Available at Mohawk General Store, 4011 West Sunset Boulevard, at Sanborn Avenue, Silver Lake (323-669-1601 or mohawkgeneralstore.net); online at oliandme.com, $45 and up.

Photo: Jeana Sohn / Courtesy of Oli and Me

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4011 Sunset Blvd
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Los Angeles, CA 90029