Donatienne Handbags Color Outside the Lines

It's Got Us in Its Clutches

donatienne handbags!

Your wardrobe? It looks pallid. Lackluster even.

Unless you’re going for anemia-chic, you might want to punch it up with something from designer Nikki Erwin’s new handbag line, Donatienne Los Angeles.

Her collection cures acute W.O.O.D. (Washed-Out Outfit Dysfunction) with hues as rich as the SoCal landscape (hazy purple, sweet blush, burnt orange). The studded fuchsia Brit clutch tickles us pink. And color us cuckoo over the perfectly slouchy canary yellow Jordie hobo.

A labor of love, the limited-edition bags are named after Erwin’s nearest and dearest (pals, boyfriend, pony) and handcrafted in downtown L.A.

Too timid to make that rainbow connection? All the bags come in classic black as well.

They’re, like, totally clutch.

Available online at donatiennedesigns.com, $220 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Donatienne

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