The Millinery Guild Opens on Beverly

Hats Off to Berets, Fedoras, and Turbans

the millinery guild los angeles!

There are many words to describe Susan Murphy’s hats, but “dull” is not one of them.

Her new Beverly Boulevard boutique, The Millinery Guild, specializes in eccentric, over-the-top headwear (an all-too-rare sight outside British aristocracy and Munchkinland).

Inside the all-white jewel box space, you’ll find handcrafted toppers that range from whimsical (felt fedoras with bird appliques) to WTF? (a mousetrap headband with a wedge of rhinestoned cheese) by established labels such as Cristina de Prada, Su WeHa, and Carpe Diem.

Then there’s Murphy’s own line, Montez, with avant-garde creations like a mouth-shaped straw beret dangling a cigarette. She often uses wooden hat blocks from the 1930s and 1940s, so even custom orders have a vintage twist.

Want to flex your own millinery muscle? Murphy plans to teach beginners’ workshops at Hands-On 3rd.

We’re brimming with excitement.

The Millinery Guild, 7767 Beverly Boulevard, between North Ogden Drive and North Genesee Avenue, Fairfax District (213-985-4784 or themillineryguild.com), $65 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of The Millinery Guild

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7767 Beverly Blvd
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