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Gastronomy at Your Doorstep with Wolf Cuisine

A Tasting Menu Goes Mobile

wolf cuisine meal delivery!

So you forgot to make birthday dinner reservations and now every fancy-schmancy restaurant is booked.

Before resigning yourself to a chips ’n’ dip fiesta, consider calling Wolf Cuisine.

The brainchild of chef Phillip Lee (formerly of Hatfield’s and L.A. Farm) and his biz partner, Sylvain Allard, the high-end food-delivery service is based on a simple formula.

Each month, Lee and his five sous chefs devise a ten-course tasting menu (October includes green-lipped mussels, butter-poached halibut, and dry-aged rib-eye, with vegetarian substitutions available). Clients order for up to eight guests at least seven days in advance.

A few hours before mealtime, the ready-to-serve movable feast arrives with Lee’s instructions for presenting (drizzle champagne sauce on strawberries, break after fourth dish) and eating (shoot the scallops, mix the foie gras and spicy mango).

Just don’t wolf it all down at once.

Wolf Cuisine (773-580-8125 or wolfcuisine.com), $200 per person.

Photo: Courtesy of Wolf Cuisine