Tin Box of Curious Artifacts Hits the Road

Vintage Finds and Fodder

tin box!

As evidenced by the Frada and Guchi bags stashed in your closet, you’re no stranger to shopping out of the back of a truck.

Tin Box of Curious Artifacts puts a fresh (not to mention, legal) spin on the art of wheelin’ and dealin’.

Housed in a refurbished cargo truck, the mobile boutique’s no-frills decor (floor-to-ceiling wood paneling, exposed lighting) conjures up memories of rummaging through your grandma’s attic (if Granny was a former hippie with a yen for midcentury modern design).

Inside, find owners Daniel Robles and Chris Register’s curated selection of vintage clothes and accessories, original artwork, and groovy home furnishings. There’s also a treasure trove of knickknacks such as kitschy board games, porcelain figurines, and a scorpion bolero tie.

It gets our motor running.

For more information, go to tinboxboutique.com. For locations, follow @tinboxboutique on Twitter.

Photo: Courtesy of Tin Box