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Chefs Feed Launches

chefs feed!

Your current Facebook friend requests: Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, and David Chang.

Well, maybe not (a girl can dream), but a new, free iPhone app brings you one step closer to your favorite chefs: Chefs Feed.

Now live in NYC, L.A., SF, and Chicago, with many more on the way, Chefs Feed brings you personalized dish recommendations from top toques. Simply choose your city, then search by chef or dish — or let the app find delectables based on your location.

You’ll find surprising confessions: Craig Stoll orders out for Mission Chinese Food’s salt cod fried rice, Ludo Lefebvre has a thing for banana nut pancakes, and Stephanie Izard satisfies pulled pork hankerings at Lillie’s Q. Look out for popular dishes (like Marea’s fusilli with bone marrow and octopus) and create your own lists of what you’d like to try.

And talk about status updates: The app hooks you up to the chef’s and restaurants’ Twitter and Facebook feeds — and is a handy tool if you’re traveling.

Whether we’re already loving it? Confirmed.

Available online at itunes.com, free. To learn more about Chefs Feed, go to chefsfeed.com.

Photo: Janelle Jones