Survival of the Fitist

Shake Up Your Workout Routine

fitist.com launches in los angeles!

No downward dog (a 9/7/07 stamp means it’s expired), no pumping iron (darn that lapsed membership), no one-on-one aerial spinning karate boot camp (that just sounds nuts).

And no excuses. Fitist is here. Available in NYC since June, the online workout and wellness platform lets you buy packages of classes that are redeemable with top-shelf trainers, studios, experts, and services.

Pick a plan (Slim or Mom-to-Be? Body & Soul or Intense?) and get an expert-devised mix of classes that you’ll have one to three months to redeem. Plan in advance or use the real-time scheduling interface to find last-minute options.

Sweat it out in more than 40 ways across the city at Brick CrossFit, GST Body, Made in L.A., Circuit Works, Up Dog Yoga + Cycling, and De La Barracuda. Take advantage of the bicoastal membership: Drop in on Aerospace or Re:Ab next time you’re in New York.

No sweat.

Available online at fitist.com.

Photo: Medioimages / Getty Images