Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar Opens

Let a Pro Show You How It's Done

kristie streicher beauty los angeles!

Houdini, a master of his trade, never shared his secrets.

One local magician, brow and makeup whiz Kristie Streicher, is less tight-lipped.

From her newly commandeered corner of Warren-Tricomi Salon, Streicher divulges the how-tos of makeup application, from basic touch-ups to full-blown makeovers, all complete with personal product picks (Kimiko brow pencils, Stila liquid eyeliner).

Also up her sleeve? Henna-based brow shaping, which works wonders on sparse and overtweezed arches, and Retro-Fit the Makeup Kit, when she tosses the duds from your cosmetics case to devise a custom regimen.

Streicher even peddles her own apothecary-style line of essential oils and creams. Slather on her argan oil-based Afore Oil and Post Calming Cream and — abracadabra! — your skin is glowing.

And that’s no hocus-pocus.

Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar at Warren-Tricomi Salon, 8327 Melrose Avenue, between North Kings Road and North Sweetzer Avenue, West Hollywood (323-651-4545 or streicherbeauty.com), $50 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar

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8327 Melrose Ave
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