Never Give a Lame Gift Again

Wantful Launches Online Gifting


You swore you’d struck Secret Santa gold with that hirsute-edition Chia Pet. (You didn’t.)

Up your holiday cred with Wantful, a new site that includes recipients in the gift-giving process.

Instead of settling on one (potentially random/awful) present, the online service presents several intuitive options within a user-determined price range, then lets giftees choose a favorite. Start by entering details about the recipient’s interests; a clickable photoscape matches style and calls out favorite cocktails.

Wantful then culls sixteen picks from an inventory of goods, ranging from niche (Fleabags accessories, D.S. & Durga fragrances) to never-fail charity donations. (Starting mid-December, you can also choose from preset stocking-stuffer collections.)

Your top choices are organized into an online or physical booklet and presented via email or snail mail to the giftee, who picks one from the bunch and receives it in four to seven days.

Now that’s thinking outside the box.

Available online at wantful.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Wantful