Organize Your Life with Simply Simplify

Get Neat Freaky


Pity the clutter fish, swimming through life disorganized and overwhelmed.

Tori Springer could reel it in.

A former personal assistant to the stars (sorry, we can’t reveal who), she founded her company, Simply Simplify, to help regular folk drown out the chaos.

After a consult to determine your needs (room organization, keepsake cataloging, moving, or personal shopping), she dives in, her trusty label maker in tow.

Springer coordinates closets by color, season, and hem and sleeve lengths. Honest but never critical, she combs through your wardrobe to determine which pieces sink and swim, then carts unwanted wears off to Dress for Success. And she makes a splash in the home office, devising filing systems and optimizing work space.

For messy pals, Springer offers gift certificates.

Which should help them keep their heads above water.

For more information, email tori@simply-simplify.com or go to simply-simplify.com. Cost is $125 per hour. Through January 31, mention DailyCandy to receive a $100 per hour rate.

Photo: Mark Lund / Getty Images