Our Fave 2011 L.A. Discoveries

Dessert, Flowers, Home Decor, and More

best of l.a. discoveries!

Though there are few finds sweeter than a parking spot on Hollywood on a Friday night, here are a couple that come pretty darn close.

Presenting our 2011 awards for The Best …

Totally Creepy Birthday Greetings: Crimebo, the Crime Clown’s birthday calls

Home Decor Triage: Matters of Space

Excuse to Embrace Your Inner Cat Lady: Pinky Panther rings

Cereal Companion: Almond milk by The Mylkman Company

DIY Dessert: Spoon Fork Bacon’s Caramel Apple Cupcake Recipe

Juice Heads: The Juice Maids

Way to Re-enact Up: Geronimo Balloon-Troopers’s XL balloons

Blooms on the Go: The Flower Truck

Below-the-Belt Spa Treatment: Stript Wax Bar’s Vajacial

Reason to Keep Your Shirt On: Whetherly Tees

Top Secret Brunch: Ktchn 105

Photo: Larry Brownstein / Getty Images