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Little Bear Takes Belgian Fare Downtown

Mussel Up the Strength to Make the Trek

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Great minds don’t always think alike.

Take Andre Guerrero (Maximiliano, The Oinkster) and Ryan Sweeney (The Surly Goat). The former is all about tasty eats; the latter’s stuck on craft beer.

One passion they go Dutch on: Belgian fare. Hence, the pals opened downtown bar-cum-restaurant Little Bear, which pays homage to the land where moules met frites.

Despite its industrial setting, the well-lit space beckons diners with the ambiance of a neighborhood pub (painted wall murals and comfy wicker furniture).

Guerrero serves traditional recipes (gougeres and fried oysters, roasted wild boar sausage) alongside all-American dishes (his grilled cheese sandwiches make us melt). On brew duty, Sweeney curates a rotating variety of Belgian (Chimay, Achel) and Belgian-inspired (Russian River’s Damnation, The Bruery’s The Wanderer) ales. The bar stocks a wide selection of gins and specializes in beer schnapps (i.e., distilled beer).

How smart is that?

Little Bear, 1855 South Industrial Street, at Mateo Street, Downtown (213-622-8100).

Photo: Helene Vallee / Getty Images

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1855 Industrial St
@ Mateo St
Los Angeles, CA 90021