In-the-Buff Portraits by Jill Kleinhans

Dare to Bare

jill kleinhans's custom nude portraits!

There are a million stories in the Naked City.

This is one about a girl who wanted to do something special for her someone special.

Fresh out of ideas, our hapless heroine turned to L.A.-based artist Jill Kleinhans to apply her stellar block-printing skills to a tasteful erotic portrait.

The process was simple: She snapped a few pics of herself in provocative poses (sprawled on a bearskin run, hanging out in down dog) and sent them off to Kleinhans.

Over the next two weeks, the so-called “Botticelli of birthday suits” devised delicately carved block illustrations, inked them in four poppy colors (including her signature bubblegum pink), and transferred the finished products onto archival cotton paper.

The portrait’s subject was so pleased, she ordered several additional prints to go public with her privates.

And that’s what we call a titillating exposé.

Available by email order (jillolives@yahoo.com) or order at ReForm School, 3902 Sunset Boulevard (323-906-8660 or reformschoolrules.com). A four-by-six print costs $100; additional prints are $10 each.

Art: Jill Kleinhans

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