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Dragunara Spice Bazaar Opens

The Spice Is Right

dragunara spice bazaar!

You’re Posh at parties and Sporty at the gym, but in the kitchen, you’re straight up Clueless.

Find seasoning stardom at Dragunara Spice Bazaar, the newest stall at The Original Farmers Market.

With more than 150 varieties, the shop covers the basics (sage, rosemary) and beyond (star anise, fenugreek). Owner Michael Khemlani takes a meticulous approach to edible edification, ensuring each blend is 100 percent organic, kosher, and all natural. Some concoctions, like Tuscan herb and popular Slim Spice, are salt and sugar free.

Make your pantry sing with infused olive oils, herbal teas, chilies (dried ancho peppers), and salt (Himalayan Black) bars.

Still off-key? A pinch of the Asian, Spanish, or Moroccan mix on your dish of choice will have even your harshest critics proclaiming you the next Julia Child.

Girl power.

Dragunara Spice Bazaar, 6333 West Third Street, at Fairfax Avenue, stall 623, Fairfax District (323-935-8888 or dragunara.com).

Photo: Noe Montes / Getty Images

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6333 W 3rd St
@ Fairfax Ave, stall 623
Los Angeles, CA 90036