The Mu Folding Three-Pin Plug Launches

Are You Charged?

the mu folding three-pin plug!

When it comes to keeping up with the latest (and greatest), you like to be plugged in.

Take charge with The Mu. Tech company Made in Mind’s folding three-pin plug works as a one-for-all battery charger and USB adaptor for devices including the iPod, iPhone, and BlackBerry (there’s a model in the works that can be used on a variety of tablets).

In Greek, mu means micro. Fittingly, The Mu is 70 per cent smaller than the traditional bulky plug and folds to a thinness of fourteen millimetres. It’s great for travelling and won’t scratch precious bodywork.

The gadget officially launched yesterday.

When things are this useful, they deserve a good plug.

Available online at themu.co.uk, £25.

Photo: Courtesy of The Mu