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Kitchit Dinner Parties

Turn Your Kitchen Over to a Master Chef

kitchit dining!

Your next excuse for a shenanigan-fueled dinner party is just around the corner (three words: St. Patrick’s Day).

The luck of the Irish is with you. Bespoke dining service Kitchit can coordinate your Celtic feast (or any feast for that matter).

Simply log onto the site (the brainchild of three food-loving Stanford grad students) and choose from an all-star roster of chefs, which may include Neal Fraser (BLD, Grace Restaurant), Mark Gold (Eva Restaurant), and Top Chef’s Marcel Vigneron.

Tell your toque your theme (home supper, tailgate brouhaha), and he takes it from there: grocery shopping, menu planning, prepping, cooking, even cleanup. He also explains each dish upon presentation.

All that rests on your shoulders is the guest list (small or large; 40 people marks the largest so far) and the surprisingly reasonable bill, which can be divvied up among diners.

So you won’t spend your entire pot of gold.

Available online at kitchit.com, $45-$200 per diner. DailyCandy readers get free full-service concierge support and 15 percent off events booked in the next week. Fill out an inquiry to the concierge staff and be sure to mention DailyCandy.

Photo: Shelby Ross / Getty Images