Design Your Own Clutch with Essex Los Angeles

The Fashion-Forward Secret's Out of the Bag

essex los angeles clutches!

The Legend of Bag(ger) Vance

Once disillusioned by our failure to find the perfect clutch, we gave up on carryalls entirely. Soon thereafter, a mysterious stranger appeared before us. “Essexla.com has what you seek,” he advised.

On the site, we discovered The Louie, a made-in-L.A. leather pouchette whose compact size, minimalist style, and interior pockets (read: no unsightly wallet bulge) score a hole in one.

And in a real stroke of genius, founders Glynn Connolly and Mario Nieto made the entire palette customizable. Choose from eight shades of Italian lamb- and calfskin leather, zipper tape, and cotton lining for a grand total of 512 combinations. Not satisfied with your first round? The user-friendly design interface (a la NikeiD) allows for countless mulligans.

The finished product arrives on your doorstep within three weeks.

No ifs, ands, or putts.

Available online at essexla.com, $150. Enter promo code DailyCandy for 15 percent off orders through the next two weeks.

Photo: Courtesy of Essex Los Angeles