Io/LA Cafe/Co-Work Space/Incubator Opens

Not Your Average 9-to-5 Routine


Creative types and work-from-homers: Is your daily commute from bed to couch? Do you call your houseplants co-workers and your cat the IT guy?

Consider plugging into Io/LA (Io stands for input/output), a new co-work space venture from a groovy bunch, including Myspace co-founder Aber Whitcomb, musician/producer Donovan Leitch, and actor/producer Chris Gartin in association with physical social network WeWork.

A freelancer-friendly, month-by-month full membership fee provides 24/7 access to individual desk spaces, state-of-the-art printing stations, conference rooms, private phone booths, and a postproduction facility for filmmakers.

At the open-to-the-public cafe, like-minded folk connect over scones and mugs of Bru coffee. Incubator/mentor programs afford start-up visionaries the opportunity to powwow with leading industry experts.

Instead of back-to-back meetings with Mr. Meow Face.

Io/LA, 7083 Hollywood Boulevard, between El Cerrito Place and North Sycamore Avenue, Hollywood (iola.la). A full membership costs $395 per month; virtual membership costs $195 per month. To apply, go to iola.la/membership.

Photo: Rachel Knopfler / Courtesy of Io/LA

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7083 Hollywood Blvd
bt El Cerrito Pl & N Sycamore Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028