Den.m Bar Customized Jeans

Pants made to measure

den.m bar!

You customize your car, your workout, even your pet (hypoallergenic, hold the floppy ears, please). So why not your jeans?

Den.m Bar, the new downtown workshop from fashion industry newbies Richard Wang, Steve Chiang, and Derek Yip, does just that.

Swing by the tiny storefront for a fitting so thorough it rivals your yearly physical. Then choose from an array of styles (skinny straight, slim tapered), denims (Candiani, Nisshinbo), buttons (skull and crossbones, anyone?), pocket linings (washed cotton, bandana print), and thread color. Have a special request, like an extra pocket or your initials branded on the back tag? Pipe up: These guys aim to please.

Return within seven to ten days for some final tweaking before taking home your tailor-made trousers.

Talk about throwing a fit.

Den.m Bar, 111 West Seventh Street, between Main and Spring Streets, suite r3, Downtown (denmbar.com). Jeans start at $229. For more information, email info@denmbar.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Den.m Bar

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111 W 7th St
bt Main & Spring Sts, ste r3
Los Angeles, CA 90014