Auger + Ore Launches

Handmade jewelry and home goods

auger + ore!

Time for a new equation: type A + creative type C = a mound of BS (beautiful stuff).

Graphic artist/student/shopgirl Julia Lemke sums it up. The inexhaustible learner-slash-magnificence maker can now tack home accessories designer on her resume with a just-launched line, Auger + Ore (a mining term for the abandoned shafts she explores for inspiration).

After fashioning a birdhouse from salvaged wire and an antique pulley from her grandfather’s toolbox for a school assignment, Lemke multiplied her talents with new projects: a bound journal flanked with ziricote (credit a tech shop class), graphic studs, steel planters (an experiment with her father), and manzanita and wildflower honey from her hive in the Santa Cruz mountains (delicious whipped into orange cream atop lavender sugared scones — she bakes, too).

Textile design is her next skill to divide and conquer.

We give it a D (do it).

Available at Voyager, 365 Valencia Street, between 14th and 15th Streets (415-779-2712 or thevoyagershop.com), $12-$180. To see products, go to augerandore.com.

Photo: Julie Lemke / Courtesy of Auger + Ore

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365 Valencia St
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