The Scent of Departure Perfumes

Spritzes inspired by exotic locales

the scent of departure!

Boarding Pass

Date and Time: Friday, April 27, 2012 // 9:32 a.m. EST

Passenger Name: Departure, The Scent of

Flight Notes: Unisex perfumes inspired by their namesake locales, including beach-friendly mango and citrus (an ode to Miami nightlife), green apple (credited to walks through NYC’s Central Park), and lemon and coffee (recalling sunny days in Milan).

Connections: Dubai, London, Paris, Vienna, Los Angeles, Bali, and fourteen other scintillating ports of call, courtesy of globe-trotting, French-trained perfumer/restaurateur Gérald Ghislain.

Storage Preferences: Sleek plexiglass bottles are labeled with airport and bar codes to mimic modern city buildings wrapped with luggage tags.

Destinations: Global beauty outposts like Harvey Nichols, Henri Bendel, and Kitson.

Seating: First all the way, baby.

Available online at thescentofdeparture.com, $45.

Photo: Courtesy of The Scent of Departure