Jeffrey and Owl Valets

Come on and take a free ride

jeffrey and owl valets!

Parking in Los Angeles is like trying to find a needle in a haystack (and makes you frustrated enough to burn said haystack to the ground).

Put the brakes on your road rage and toss your keys to sister companies Jeffrey and Owl Valets.

Event manager Loop Haro (Dovetail, Tact) started the valet services to class up the curbside (think: vintage folding chairs, keyboards made of drafting tables).

Both deliver stellar customer service but vary in terms of event type (Jeffrey caters to large weddings/galas, Owl to smaller gallery openings/dinner parties).

And while Jeffrey has model-handsome drivers in skinny pants and calfskin driving gloves, and leather-bound parking signage, it’s slightly less expensive little sister, Owl, favors tattoos, motorcycle jackets, and cheeky signs reading “Pull on up” or “Right about here.”

So shut up and (let them) drive.

Jeffrey and Owl Valets (jeffreyvalet.com or 626-344-7187). Rates start at $575 for Owl, $700 for Jeffrey.

Photo: Will Keeler / Courtesy of Jeffrey Valet