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Carbo-load with Peerless Bread & Jam

Find out what's wheating you

peerless bread & jam!

All this gluten-free talk is making you hungry. For bread.

Those in favor of wheat will savor Peerless Bread & Jam.

New at Green City Market this season, Peerless hawks whole-grain, naturally leavened loaves using milled flour from Breslin Farms.

Baker Lauren Bushnell turned dough at Red Hen and Medici Bakery before moving on to Floriole Cafe & Bakery (where she works part-time). Her free time (also known as the middle of the night) is spent pairing market ingredients that enhance the flavor of her grains.

Varieties include peasant wheat (whole wheat/rye), country levain (white/whole grain), potato and herb, and best-seller rye and beer pretzels (soft, leathery snacks with Two Brothers ale).

Jam production is currently on hold, but look for Jam Bite cookies (barley flour shortbread, rhubarb jam) at tomorrow’s market.

Worth it? You’re darn gluten.

Available at Green City Market, Lincoln Park, between Clark Street and Stockton Drive (773-880-1266 or greencitymarket.org).

Photo: Courtesy of Peerless Bread & Jam

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